When looking at options to treat anxiety, rather than the medical approach there are alternative methods to get rid of anxiety naturally that can be utilised.  Here we look at ten ways to get rid of anxiety naturally.

Here we give you ten of the more successful and practical techniques that you can try and address your own symptoms with.


If you want to get rid of anxiety naturally then take a look through our top 10 methods that have worked for people

Exercise and AnxietyExercise is a great way to reduce anxiety naturally

Exercising is well-known to give you that ‘feel-good’ feeling, a very potent feeling that can help you to manage anxiety naturally.  Exercising regularly improves almost every aspect of your life, sleep, appetite, overall mood and increases self-esteem.

Even as little as 10 minutes exercise per day can offer amazing benefits to your mental health.

If it has been a while since you have exercised, please consider discussing this with your doctor and exercise under the guidance of qualified staff.  Get your jogging shoes on and get reducing those anxiety symptoms!

Take in that vitamin D – get outside

Vitamin D helps reduce anxiety symptoms naturally


This has been described as the most effective way to increase vitamin D levels is to get outside and enjoy natural light, and in turn decreasing depressive symptoms and increasing overall mood state.

Getting outside and going for a walk not only is good for your physical health, taking a short walk or break from life can truly be uplifting.  I think we often forget our very surroundings and don’t notice most of what is actually going on around us.

Try to get out regularly and experience what has always been there – if there ever was a way to get rid of anxiety naturally, then this would be it.  In fact, if they could bottle and sell that as prescription I think it would be the number one treatment plan for anxiety!

Reduce alcohol and other stimulant intakes

Alcohol and other stimulants have effects on you both physically and Alcohol, substance misuse and Anxietymentally, as we all know.  When a person is suffering from anxiety symptoms or low mood then the effects that these type of stimulants are overall a negative impact.

Reverse this, though, and the opposite happens.  Your sleep will improve, your tolerance to situations, rational thinking, and a whole host of other benefits are right around the corner.   Looking for a natural way to reduce anxiety? Consider abstinence for a brighter future, think clearer and say goodbye to muggy brains when trying to live.


Do your best, and be happy with that

To combat anxiety symptoms, be more acceptable of yourselfOften we put unrealistic and unnecessary expectations on ourselves, and this in turn can cause anxiety symptoms within us.  When we put these standards on ourselves and don’t reach expectations, or even just the fear of reaching the standard before an event can be anxiety-provoking.

Tell yourself at this point that you have done your best and that you are happy with what you have achieved. Be realistic and challenge your thoughts – without challenging your anxiety symptoms you will learn to understand your own triggers, and in turn how to banish the triggers head on!

Don’t let anxiety isolate you – talk to people!

If you are feeling anxious, talk it through with someone – this can be a great Talk with friends or professionals to help reduce anxiety symptomsway of reducing anxiety symptoms, if not to a friend then consider a mental health professional.  Anxiety can be overwhelming and often people find it extremely difficult to identify the symptoms individually and this can be crippling.  Having someone outside of your world of anxiety is often key to helping you identify how you are going to get rid of your anxiety naturally.

Eating to get rid of anxiety naturally

‘You are what you eat’ – or so they say.  But when it comes to your mood and overall mental health, what you put in your body can have a dramatic effect on your thinking patterns. Omega3 has been well-recognised as a ‘mood-food’ and is a great tool to keep in your food arsenal.  It can be consumed in the form of tablets or the old-fashioned way of eating healthy fatty fish. And as previously mentioned vitamin D is a fantastic mood booster.  What could be

Omega3 can be consumed in the form of tablets or the old-fashioned way of eating healthy fatty fish. And as previously mentioned vitamin D is a fantastic mood booster.  What could be a more natural way of reducing anxiety than changing your diet and reaping the rewards?!!

Reflexology and Anxiety symptoms

Reflexology is the art of using pressure points around the body for a variety of conditions, both physical and psychological.  Using this method has been known to have great benefits and success when helping to reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Reflexology focuses on pressure points that often produce a calming and relaxing feeling for the person being treated, and again a great experience to add to your life regularly to help your overall mood.


Planning your day can help with anxiety reductionPlanning your next day, where you are going and what you might need can help immensely.  Imagine waking up and not panicking about where your work ID is or your wallet.

Feeling a bit more organised in the morning with full awareness of where you need to be and what you will be doing. And with the extra time you get from being a bit more organised, you could use it to consider how to address any anxiety triggers of your own rather than running into your day.


Simply put, yes laugh!  When you laugh your brain releases dopamine, a feeling of warmth and pleasure – even if you Laughing is a great way to get rid of anxiety symptoms naturally with the support of our in-built dopamine release!‘fake laugh’, you will still release the same chemicals and get (at least some of ) the same benefits.

Feeling down and just don’t feel that you could laugh?  There is an app for that (seriously, there is an app for everything!).  Search for phone apps for laughing and they are there in their droves – a
whole digital world designed with one thing as their entire goal – just to make YOU laugh!  To reduce symptoms of anxiety, this is definitely one of the easier and more fun!

Meditation, relaxation, and Anxiety

Relaxation and meditation can reduce symptoms of anxiety dramaticallyRelaxation and meditation is an extremely popular way for people to help regulate their emotions, and with this reduce symptoms of anxiety.

There are lots of different types of meditation and relaxation, often focussing on breathing and simply experiencing where you are and what you can feel.  Or there are approaches where you can be guided through scenarios and stories, whilst visualising the entire journey.

It has been noted that people who have tried prescribed medication without success have found that for them, meditation and relaxation simply works.

There are many many classes around the country, and they are only on the increase with the popularity of meditation and relaxation.  Get out there and check a class out.

Or if you are more of a private person then again there are apps out there, and a multitude of YouTube videos to fit all tastes.

How to get rid of anxiety naturally – conclusion

Anxiety and depression can present in so many forms and with so many individual symptoms that it can be difficult to separate them.  Hopefully, using some of the tips above you can reduce your anxiety symptoms and improve your overall well-being.