Now it’s perfectly normal and common for a person to feel somewhat apprehensive about speaking in front of crowds, approaching a member of the opposite sex or going on a job interview. These are all things which cause social anxiety in average people every day. Some worse than others, of course.


When these feelings of stress and anxiety are amplified greatly and when the areas that cause them to rise are also widely expanded we’ve entered the territory of Social Anxiety disorder.


Again, its effects can be crippling.


Instead of following through with the actions that make one uncomfortable when suffering from Social Anxiety disorder it’s much more likely the person just doesn’t do them at all. Or if they are completed it is so draining it feels like near torture, It’s obvious how much this will hurt the potential quality of life of the person in Social Anxiety disorder’s grips.


This INTENSE fear of social situations is the easiest way to identify Social Anxiety disorder.


In many cases this fear will spread to not only taking part in social situations, but also even to talking or thinking about these types of social exchanges and interactions.


It’s important to understand that a person realizing they are experiencing Social Anxiety disorder is just not enough to overcome it.


Many people realize they have been suffering from Social Anxiety disorder for years, but without a solid plan to overcome it (like the one presented later on here in our Guide) they continue to run on the treadmill of extreme social anxiety without any way off. Just knowing intellectually that the feelings of stress and anxiety are overblown is not near enough to overcome them. Social Anxiety disorder is a serious mental health issue which requires smart work to overcome.


Social Anxiety disorder should NOT be confused with shyness and its serious nature should never be underestimated. Even less severe forms of this phobia can become amplified over time if not worked on. What starts off as anxiety over speaking in front of new people could eventually blow up into not even being able to go out to a movie with friends or eat dinner at a public restaurant. In more rare cases any sort of social interaction at all could become extremely psychologically painful. If you or someone you care about is experiencing Social Anxiety disorder the sooner you begin to work towards it being cured the better. Delaying could see it become much more complicated to overcome!