When exploring your anxieties, focus on learning how to change

Every important journey begins with the first few steps, and often these first few steps are the most difficult Overcoming Social Anxiety disorder is no different. Even when we realize we truly need a change, that we need to do those things that others before us have done to become better, beginning the pathway to change can be challenging.


There’s a few things we can keep in mind and tips to follow that can help. I can’t guarantee that they will make the first few steps easy – making that type of promise to a person with Social Anxiety disorder would be insincere, What I do know is that despite initial discomfort they will make the first big hurdle of breaking inertia possible to get over. They’ve worked again and again for people with even the worst phobias. They’ll most likely work for you too!


Clearly Establish Change is Necessary

The first thing that you need to come to terms with yourself more than anyone else is just how necessary change is. If you have a big enough “Why” getting through the “How” end of things is fueled by real desire.


This motivating force should never be underestimated. Sit down with a pen and paper and write down the areas that your Social Anxiety disorder is having a negative influence on. Turn the page and write your dreams that you can more easily achieve without Social Anxiety disorder handcuffing your ability to communicate, establish relationships and take action.


When this is complete read over both lists for as long as it takes for these truths to REALLY sink in. When you are done this should give both your conscious and subconscious mind the foundation it needs to support your effort to cure your Social Anxiety.


Find a Plan and Stick with It


One of the real obstacles to making lasting positive change in life (which is exactly the area where curing

Social Anxiety disorder falls into) is lack of commitment.


You can find many different ideas on how to ease social phobias including those presented here in our Guide. Almost all will work to varying degrees if you work their method and stick with it until you see positive results. What doesn’t work is trying something for a few days and allowing impatience to seize control and immediately jumping to a different program.


Choose a plan to fight your Social Anxiety disorder, stick to it and give it a chance to work. If you need a bit of extra motivation think of the story of the man who was mining for gold and stopped only a few inches away from what would have been his big discovery only to return to a life of poverty. Self help can often be the same way. Don’t change plans like you change socks – give the work a chance to work!


Start Sooner Rather than Later


It’s pretty likely you have suffered from Social Anxiety disorder for way too long. The final piece of advice I have on beginning the pathway to change is to not over think things and begin today. Once you are on the path and begin gaining momentum you are that much closer to freedom! Letting “doing it” beat out “thinking about it”.


What are you waiting for? Get started!