There have been some new and advanced inventions that have embraced technology to enhance exercise, fitness and well-being.

Here we will discuss the HAPIfork – what it is, what it does and the overall benefits – as well as my own personal thoughts thrown into this blog.  So, ladies and gentlemen – without further ado, please meet the HAPIFORK!


Hapifork Reviewhapifork review

What is the HAPIfork

HAPIfork is a bluetooth-enabled smart fork – really, it is!  It is the fork that monitors your eating habits on another level.  You use the fork the same as any other fork and away you eat – but this fork controls the speed you eat by warning you if you are eating too fast, by lighting up with little gentle reminders and even vibrates to keep you in check!

Once you have finished your meal, you can look on the downloaded app at your overall meal time, amount of ‘fork servings’ – this is how many times you actually used the fork during your mean, speed of eating – and all of this can be sent to the app for analysis and access to coaching.

What are the benefits of HAPIfork

In a nutshell – it slows you down from eating.  This may sound like overkill within a technology world BUT this is what it is designed to do, and if you follow the guides and advice then it does just that!

It allows you to analyse to the endeth, exactly what you eating habits and styles are when it comes to consuming a meal – often that is something overlooked and can lead to excess weight if not monitored properly.  The fork really is something that will help people if you struggle in this aspect of your life.




How much does the HAPIfork cost?

The Hapifork Website

The HAPIfork RRP is $99.00 but there are lots of discount codes online – check out their shop here –

You can also pick up the HAPIfork from Ebay for between £20-60 GBP depending on the seller etc.


Overall review of Hapifork – good or not so good?

To the overall reviews around Ebay/Amazon etc – the HAPIfork is purchased for a need and it does what it is purchased for.  With that in mind, if you are seeking a way to monitor your food intake, encourage you to slow down and have the ability to monitor all of this with extreme precision, then yes this is a fantastic piece of technology.