Why do you have these fears? There’s no more natural question to ask if you or a loved one are suffering from

Social Anxiety disorder. The more we understand Social Anxiety, including its root causes, the more apt we are in overcoming it.


Experts today part with some of the ideas of earlier decades in believing most cases of Social Anxiety disorder don’t spring from one events lasting effects, but instead Social Anxiety is the result of a number of different probable causes. These include both environmental and genetic factors.


Here are some of the most prominent of the factors leading to Social Anxiety disorder. While you read them take a minute to consider if each are likely to have been one of the forces behind your own experiences of Social Anxiety disorder. This type of revelation can bring hidden strength when you work through some of the methods to help cure Social Anxiety!


Genetic Roots


Social Anxiety disorder has been shown to run in family lines. Recent research has shown that this is not just learned behavior, but almost certainly also has genetic origins.


Over Developed Amygdala


The amygdala is the part of the brain responsible for fear response. When even slightly over developed Doctors feel this leads to an increased tendency towards Social Anxiety disorder.


Unbalanced Serotonin Levels


Serotonin is a key brain chemical that regulates emotional states. When unbalanced Social Anxiety disorder can become the end result. This can come from natural causes or have become unbalanced from past drug or alcohol abuse.


Family Conflict


A history of family conflict, especially at an early age, is one of the most common social factors known to cause Social Anxiety disorder.



Bullying is one of the environmental factors that has been receiving a great deal of attention lately for it being known to aggravate young people’s Social Anxiety sometimes with very tragic results.


History of Sexual Abuse or Extreme Maltreatment

Sexual abuse and other severe maltreatment very often leads to the more severe end of Social Anxiety disorder. In many cases these types of experiences require multiple levels of therapy to ultimately resolve not only the heightened social anxiety, but also the other effects of this trauma.


Weather Conditions

Studies have shown living in an area where it is more cloudy and rainy than not (cities like Seattle and London) have much higher rates of Social Anxiety disorder than those with pleasant weather and plenty of sun. Some theorize that warmer weather encourages more social contact which leads to a lesser chance of Social Anxiety disorder developing. Studies are under way which will provide much more information on this interesting area of research very soon.


This list of the causes of Social Anxiety disorder is not all inclusive and sometimes determining its root can be difficult. Thankfully the methods used to cure it have been shown to be effective regardless. With the right combination of smart work and a willingness to try to change, real miracles can and do happen.


For the great majority of its victims Social Anxiety disorder can be cured!