Five tips on how to beat anxiety.

Breathe through panic to help beat anxiety

Anxiety often presents itself in physical form, and a person who is experiencing anxiety can suffer increased heartbeat, sweating palms, headaches and a plethora of other symptoms.

A good technique I have found is to physically stop what you are doing and understand that the feelings are that of anxiety.  Place your hands on your stomach and concentrate on breathing slowly and deeply.

By doing this, not only with the immediate panic reduce, but you are training your mind to help identify what is going on and learning to control it.  Understanding and knowledge of your individual symptoms itself will reduce anxiety.


Don’t push yourself to perfection.

All of the world more ‘around’ us now with people’s lives brought together more via social media.  It can be easy to getting suckered into thinking that other people’s lives are so perfect when it simply is not true.

Do not compare yourself to others, learn to appreciate and enjoy who you are.  Remember things you enjoy and stay focused with positivity.


Talk to people

Talking to people can alleviate sudden symptoms of anxiety

Human interaction is one of mother nature’s natural remedies – ustilise it freely!! If you are suffering with anxiety or low mood, it can be very easy to become introverted and just see things from your point of view.  Often, a fresh set of ears and eyes on a situation can help work wonders.

If this is not feasible with your current social or family circle, then please consider other help like your GP who might even refer you to a specialist more in line with your individual needs.

There is also the option for telephone support or local support groups.


Fly Straight

Often when people are trying to beat anxiety, they turn to drugs or alcohol, initially putting a temporary plaster on the issue.  This approach NEVER works.  In all the time I have worked with people suffering from anxiety or depression, not once have I met someone or a situation where drugs and/or alcohol helped – not even a tiny bit!

Life basics like eating well, good sleep and exercising regularly really are key to success in beating anxiety.


Regular relaxation sessions help reduce overall anxiety – I have seen this first-hand how this can beat anxiety and honestly seen some life-changing effects from this alone.

A technique that is often used is tensing and relaxing muscles and being aware of the difference.

So, starting with your forehead, eyes closed and breathing slowly, tense your forehead for five seconds then release – concentrating on the difference in feeling of the tension. Work down your body all the way to your feet then simply relax and appreciate each muscle relaxed truly.

This is a very basic overview of this technique – rather than me recommending a place to find a good resource for this, simply google ‘mindful awareness’ and find a format that suits you.

This article is a short overview of some potential methods to beat anxiety – methods that I know work and have seen work countless times. But remember, with anxiety there is no ‘one fits all’ treatment.  But keep building your knowledge and understanding, and you will get there!