All sorts of things impact on your health, some have positive effects and some negative. It’s in your hands to do all that you can to avoid unhealthy and choose healthy.

Of course, it won’t always easy. Events and challenges can often get in the way. But, by looking more into the following five factors, which positively impact your health, you will be far more on the right track to leading a healthy lifestyle. The tweaks covered in this report are solid nutrition, hydration, detoxification, oxygenation and alkalization. If you are not familiar with any of these, all will be explained. 

Read on…

Good solid nutrition

Good, solid, quality nutrition is everyone’s concern, regardless of where they feel current health is right now. There are so many benefits to healthy nutrition that it’s can feel daunting to know where to begin. Here are some great reasons why to stay focused when it comes to healthly nutrition.

General productivity will increase

Findings show that poor diet has a direct impact on poorer overall day to day productivity. Some studies quote this as hig as 66 percent. This is an important reason to view healthy food as food for our brain – directly.

Less Wrinkles

\Food high in water content is water that is going directly into your body, digesting then hydrating your body. These foods also contain antioxidants, which help to reduce chances of cell damage and helps to keep your skin younger looking AND for longer.  Take it further and introduce foods such as salmon, to your diet.  Salmon is high in Omega-3 fatty acids – these are acids that are also of great benefit to your skin’s health. 

Good for your pocket

By following a healthy diet, you generally have less medical/prescription bills. Also, you’ll probably eat less overall which naturally saves some money here and there. This is even more true if your current lifestyle allows for lots of takeaways and/or sugary treats. 

Decreased cravings

You probably won’t notice this right away, but eating healthier is a fantastic approach to reducing cravings. Lean proteins and complex carbohydrates are perfect for stabilizing your blood sugars. This helps to stop a sudden drop in blood sugars, which cause a cravings.

Healthier Smile

The calcium in milk and other dairy products helps to keep your teeth strong and white. Yogurt is contains microorganisms that actually fight the bacteria that causes bad breath. Research suggests also Omega-3, found in fish, may even reduce the chances of gum disease.

Live Longer

Nothing in life is certain as we all know BUT solid nutrition is a strong factor in helping you to live longer. Several studies suggest that low-meat, vegetarian or diets high in nut diets lend to many years of life. 

Feeling happier

If you are ever feeling down, consider heading for the fruit bowl and eating a banana or some dark chocolate.  A banana contains 10mg of dopamine.  Dark chocolate is stuffed with the ingredient polyphenol – these are both recognised mood-lifters.  Give it a try for yourself.


Hydration is very important for the human body’s health both physically and mentally.  Drinking water is also very necessary for the heart to function at full strength, even more so in warmer climates.  Your entire body needs water, every single cell, every organ.  When you walk, your body needs to lubricate your knees, hips and everywhere else.  Water is needed to lubricate, detox waste products and overall maintain your well-being.

Hydration keeps your heart pumping blood around your body.  Hydration keeps your muscles working to optimal ability also.  So, in turn, hydration helps your heart work less and your body more efficient! 


We love water

Hands down, water is the best fluid to keep you hydrated… especially during exercise.  Lots of people simply do not like the taste of water alone – if this is you then consider eating things with a high water content –  fruits and vegetables that have a high water content. Some sugesstions are:

  • cucumber

  • lettuce

  • celery

  • tomatoes
  • green peppers

  • watermelon

  • citrus fruits

  • strawberries

This list is far from exhaustive and a quick Google search will give you lots more variety and suggestions.   Sports drinks can quench a thirst in the heat but maybe you are trying to avoid sugary drinks and calories.  

Anything caffiene-based causes you to lose fluid, so in terms of staying hydrated then caffiene is not a good choice of beverege. 

Amount of water required

It is often quoted that the recommended daily water intake is eight glasses of water per day.  This is still a point that many people stick to and it is good to encourage regular water intake, BUT if we were to talk strictly about the required amount then there are so many varients to consider – a person’s physical size, activity, climate etc then the required intake would clearly vary depending on the individual. 

Just because you feel thirsty, this does not necessarily mean that you are becoming hydrated.  If you are thirsty, then you are already at the point of dehydration, and you need to drink more water.  If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you need to drink more water.  If you are pregnant, you need to drink more water.  I am sure you get the idea – water intake is dependant on the individual. 

Often thirst can present the same as feeling really hungry.  Give this a go – if you have had food within the last 90 mins and feel hungry, drink a glass of water and wait for 15 mins.  If you are no longer ‘hungry’ then it was actually dehydration that you felt!

A great way to measure hydration is by the colour of your urine. Pale or clear it indicates good hydration. Dark urine – you need to drink more fluid. 

Dehydration can be fairly easy to keep on top of but failure to do so can cause complications to your health and even cause life-threatening conditions.

A complete body detox

IF you have been feeling tired, sluggish and muggy, it might be a good idea to look into detoxification.  Detoxification what is used to describe cleansing the body and blood of toxins and impurities in the liver – the liver is where toxins are processed.  Detoxification allows the liver to remove toxins more efficiently, in turn leaving you feeling overall healthier and with a reduced risk of illness. 

Who should detox?

Recommendations for a yearly detox are often quoted, and a detox program could address signs and symptoms that have previously not been able to be addressed via a traditional medical route such as allergies, skin conditions and even mental health issues such as Anxiety and Depression. Quite often people opt for a complete body detox even if they are not suffering any illnesses – it just makes a person feel fresh and revitalised. 

How to cleanse your diet

There are many different detox diets and recipes out there, but all with the same focus in mind – to cleanse the body and get rid of toxins.  A popluar detox method is utilisig smoothes, juices and liquids. 

Even having as little as one detox smoothie per day as a meal replacement,  and carrying on with other meals can make a real impact on your body, maintaining metabolism whilst eliminating toxins.  Replacing one meal a day with a detox smoothie goes a long way toward getting rid of toxins and maintaining your metabolism. Avoid pre-made shakes or other diet products – by far, the best ingredients are foods that are natural – fruits and vegetables.  Some suggestions are

  • blueberries

  • oranges

  • apples

  • spinach

  • Blackberries
  • kale

  • bananas

  • tomatoes

  • carrots

To be fair, all natural fruits or vegetables are great and will really support a detox regime.   And the selection is massive really, so there would be no reason that you could create a smoothie that you can really enjoy AND is also supporting a very healthy choice.


Fasting gives your digestive system a rest and lets it build strong again.  So, when you finish your fast, your digestive tract will be far more efficient!  How do you give your digestive system a break?  Simply replace all of your meals with juices or smoothies like we have just described.  Do this for 1-2 days and you will feel refreshed inside and out!  If you are planning on completing a 1-2 day fast then I would recommend doing it when you are off work or out with friends – this just helps with the temptation to eat or nibble on anything.  When a person first fasts, they often find it difficult or uncomfortable.  This is common, but the benefits of feeling so well afterwards far outweigh the discomfort..

Avoid Toxins

Toxins damage our healing process – however we get them in our body, via food, touch or breathing – toxins slow us down.  With this in mind, avoid refined sugars, coffee, alcohol and saturated fats.  Toxins that we take in either through food or our environment get in the way of our body’s healing processes. 


Oxygenation is how we get Oxygen molecules in and around our body. Oxygenation is a major factor in every metabolic process that our body needs.  

Oxygen and how we use it

As humans, we use oxygen in a number of different ways.  For example, when we breathe, the oxygen that we suck in then goes into our blood stream. This oxygen-rich blood goes through our bodies and takes it to where it is required, and aids with lots of our body’s processes.  From these products we create waste that is carbon dioxide, this is then taken back to our lungs

Oxygen Balance Restoration

There are many ways to restore oxygen balance, such as:

  • drink plenty of water

  • follow an alkaline diet

  • regular exercise

  • correct breathing

If we do not take in the appropraite amount of water, all body functions are lacking. Filtered water would be the number one choice due to it’s smaller groups of water molecules – providing optimal hydration for cells.

Following an Alkaline diet is discussed further below.  Basically, an Alkaline diet is eating more plant-based food, spinach or Kale for example,  and eating less processed and meats.  It is advised to also take an iron supplement with this type of diet – men 8+ mg per day  – women 18+mg per day. 

Exercise is paramount, not only with this diet but to provide the best overall health your body can experience.  Whatever exercise you ENJOY would be the best option, walking, running, cycling – anything that helps oxygenate your body.   

Breathing – we have all done it for a long time and most think they are doing it right. Whenever possible, try not to breathe ‘from the chest’, so to speak. It is much better to breathe slowly from your diaphragmm and through your nose.  This is often encouraged in practices such as Yoga and Pilates. 

The oxygen/Detoxification connection

Our health is affected overall by something so small – how our body uses nutrients within our cells.  Another point can be how quickly and easily our body removes toxins.  We have several ways of disposing of toxins.  We remove a lot of toxins from our body through sweat and urine.  But certain waste can only be addressed/cleansed by oxygen molecules – this is what is called oxidation.  Due to the fact that we need oxygen to process waste, if we can avoid environmental toxins and continue to keep healthy oxygen balance, this can improve our bodies overall and make us feel healthy – and may just prevent or reduce risk of disease. 


A popular method of staying healthy is Alkalisation – getting your body’s pH to the proper level. This may sound quite daunting – if it does, fear not! Alkalisation is actually fairly straight-forward. The ain is to leave your body with more alkaline than acid. 

An Optimal pH Level

If you have a hig acidic leve, your body will try and get nutrients from your bones and cells, which is not a good thing.  The ‘perfect’  pH level is a little over 7 – this is not something you should expect to have, but more something that you should use as a goal.  Having a pH of over 7 reduces risk of a variety of health risks and diseases.  

Once a pH level is achieved, it is usually simple to maintain providing you have the knowledge of how to.  The method is to replace the acid you eat and drink with food and fluids that alkalize.

Health Benefits

There are lots of major benefits to an alkaline diet. Studies show that if you diet has at least 70% of alkaline foods, your overall quality of life will benefit – this is often reported as improved sleep, clearer mind, reduced risks of certain cancers, improved energy – what is not to like??

Avoid eating

Recommended foods to avoid when on an Alkeline diet:

  • processed sugars

  • meat

  • dairy products

  • coffee

  • fizzy drinks

Avoiding thiese foods will not only keep your pH balanced but it will provide you with an overall healthier diet.

Recommended foods

There are many types of foods that are great for increasing your alkaline level. You don’t have to partake in a boring diet in order to get healthier. Think about incorporating some of the following items into your meal plan. It’s probably simpler than you think!

  • leafy greens

  • Chia seeds

  • almonds

  • bananas

  • garlic

  • lemons

  • melon

  • tomatoes

What happens if you have an unbalanced pH level

If your pH levels are low or out of sorts, there is a chance that this could affect your health in lots of ways.  Acid – too much of it – is kept in fat cells – fat cancels and neutralizes the acid.  On a positive note though, studies have shown that when your body reaches pH 7, on for this is that the fat neutralizes the acid. There is good news, however. Once you reach a pH level of 7,  a person can shed unwanted fat at dramatic rates.  

pH levels affect arteires.  When acid is present in high levels, your body produces cholestorel to support and protect the arteries.  As we all know, raised cholesterol increases the risk of heart attacks.  Again, with properly maintained pH levels, the cholestorol will cease to exist. 

When you learn to balance your pH levels, people report experencing a feeling that is commonly known as  “alkalize and energize.”  This feeling is an indication that you are doing it right – embrace and enjoy the feeling!

Step by step

There is a lot of information to take in here, even over these 5 points – and there is more!  But please don’t be disheartened or overwhelmed by the information provided. If you do, baby steps approach!  This won’t happen all at once. Take time, small adjustments but be consistent and you will see a change in your life – one that will absolutely be worth all of the hard work and a change that will truly change your everyday life!