Exercise is good for you – this is fact, and let’s face it – we all know it! From feeling good, to losing a few pounds, shaping up – all great for your body, image and all that goes with it.

Simply exercising increases releases those ‘feel good’ endorphines that we all love to feel 🙂

 what about the social aspects of exercise?

Why exercise with other people? What are these benefits? Often overlooked, yet often the most powerful medicine that exercise has to offer us.


Take a read here for our top 6 reasons why you should consider exercising with others.



Having a training partner/friends can be a great motivator – you are accountable for your and your friends health. They are relying on you to show up and train with them. Often, when motivation falls off a bit, it can be easy to put off a training/gym day. Having a friend in the background not only helps you, but it helps others enjoy the great feeling of exercise. Win-Win!

It is fun!

There is no doubt that exercise can be challenging – it is meant to be! Doing it with friends can take your mind off a particularly long run or hard session. In groups, there are also the options to play team sports or games. Tennis, badminton, running, football….the list is truly endless! Find an activity that you enjoy, and go for it!


Friends and training partners can push you, often further than you have thought possible. Having someone in your ear, egging you on to get that personal best or fastest time – really can do wonders for you and your mindset towards training.

Meeting others

Exercising regularly plays an impact on your own self-being and you become more confident as you continue down your healthy life path. Exercising opens the doors to gain new friendships and meet people with shared or similar interests to your healthy lifestyle. Consider group classes or maybe even a team sport.


Relieve Anxiety

Exercising socially can help with anxiety. As you gain confidence in yourself, and in being in class or group exercise environments, you will feel your confidence grow, helping to reduce social anxiety. https://www.verywellmind.com/physical-exercise-for-panic-disorder-and-anxiety-2584094 covers how exercise can improve your overall mental health and also reduce stress levels.


Exercising with others in a social environment, you create great friendships and bond on another level! I exercise with my son now he is old enough to use the local gym and we have great fun exercising and chatting on a level that we never really have before. And I still have fond memories of previous training partners that I got to know reallhy well after years of exercising together. Priceless, this point (in my eyes, anyway!).

Exercise and generally looking after yourself is ALWAYS a good addition to anyone’s lifestyle.  But, don’t think of the road to fitness as endless slogs on treadmills with headphones on – make exercise a more social aspect of your life.  Do this, and you will reap the rewards !