7 Mindfulness Retreats in the UK 2018/2019

Mindfulness retreats in the UK are becoming a more natural solution to help people function with the stressors of today’s life expectations.

Retreats are not exclusive to far-flung corners of the world, as the UK embraces mindfulness retreats and truly feel the benefit of this conscious practice.

There are mindfulness retreats in the UK and surrounding  areas to cater for all needs from one-day visits to full in-depth residential options.

Mindfulness benefits have been observed throughout history in many cultures and has survived generations of people achieving harmony in this disorganised world.

Take a look at some of the wonderful and beautiful places that you can dip into and learn how you can appreciate the here and now.


7 UK Mindfulness Retreats For 2018/2019

1. Gaia House Buddhist Meditation Newton Abbott

Gaia House - Meditation retreat

Gaia House is a silent meditation retreat based in lovely woodlands of South Devon.

These UK retreats are led by Dharma teachers from all over the world.  They cater from absolute mindfulness beginners through to more experienced practitioners who wish to further learn and enhance their experiences.





Gaia House offer  a number of courses, from Committed Practitioners Programme (CPP), online training courses, University affiliated courses, local meditation groups and much more.


Here is their official website – https://gaiahouse.co.uk/

2. The Arrigo Programme, Somerset

In somerset there is the opportunity to wind down in your very own holiday cottage, healthy catering throughout the day and the opportunity to taste a variety of treatments on offfer.

At the Arrigo Project, the day is started with a tea-lit breakfast followed by a programme of therapies and treatments bespoke to your individual needs.

Here, privacy and relaxation is paramount.  Counselling sessions in beautiful locations, massages in the privacy of your individual luxury rooms and attention to detail.  A visit here will leave you feeling revitalised and refreshed like no other!

3.Amaravati Monastery, Hertfordshire

Since it’s opening in 1984, Amaravati Retreat Centre has been holding regular retreats  These are guided by the monks and nuns who moved over to the UK from the north-east of Thailand. Here, you have the chance to let the world slip away even if for a short time and enjoy exploring inner space within you.

Amaravati Monastery offer weekend, 10 day and 13 day retreats and make a point that their retreats are very suitable for people with little or no experience of Bhuddist practice, meditations or retreats.

For more information, see – http://www.amaravati.org/retreat-centre/

4. Detox cleanse yoga retreats, cotswolds, England

When dreaming of mindfulness retreats in the UK – read this.

Become well-rested and rejuvenated in beautiful English countryside surroundings.

During your stay you will develop and further the skills that you utilise withing mindfulness – breathing, noticing, exploring and more- within the comfort this retreat.

During the day you are plenished with morning food shakes, early yoga and meditation. Later, you will experience the preperation of raw ingredients for lunch and raw cake for afternoon tea.

There is plenty of opportunity to simply do your own thing and ample treatments available from holistic massage, reflexology, Reiki and other choices.

For more information, see – https://www.nealsyardholidays.com/Holiday/view/detox-cleanse-yoga-retreats-cotswolds-england-uk

5. Amchara Health Retreat

Archama Health Retreats advertise themselves suitable for anyone who wishes to change their physical, health, emitional well-being and lifestyle and help you form a positive and sustaibable lifestyle through mindfulness and meditation.

They offer tailor programmes to suit indivual needs throughout their stay and beyond.

Arachma have two locations – Somerset, England and Gozo in Malta.

For more information, see https://www.amchara.com

6.Satvada retreats

I couldnt put it better than their own website, so I have copied and credited their lovely words –

Highly recommended by The Guardian newspaper’s travel editor, our boutique, small group winter Mindfulness for Wellbeing weekends have been designed for guests seeking a luxurious countryside retreat.  This mindfulness retreat is within easy travelling distance of London, where everything is done for you.

You will be spoilt with beautiful en-suite rooms, underfloor heating, wood burners, fabulous vegetarian food.

Our programme has been carefully formulated to combine different mindfulness practices with soothing sessions drawn from the soft, contemplative aspects of yoga, complemented by mindful winter walks.

A golden opportunity to slow down, unwind, let go of busyness and allow us do the rest. 🙂

(credited https://www.satvada-retreats.co.uk)

If you are looking for a truly immersive mindfulness retreat, a chance to relax, explore, meditate, revive and simply enjoy…this would be true bliss on earth.

For more information, see https://www.satvada-retreats.co.uk

7. Karuna Detox mindfulness Retreat

Based in the heart of Devon, England, Karuna focus on holistic approaches to well-being with a combination of fasting and juicing, balancing your physical inner-self with your mental self.

They offer 7 days where you can focus on you, rid yourself of toxins, improve mood and energy levels – the list goes on of things that simply improve and enhance your life.

Karuna retreat is very well-known and respected and has helped many well-known businesses and brands.

With facilities from juice bar, Yoga Studio, Nature walks and Heated swimming pools. Karuna is also family and dog friendly!

If you are looking for something different, relaxing and probably life-changing then a mindfulness break could be just what is missing from your life.